Glasfrosch & Friends play “In C”

A 50th Anniversary Celebration of Minimalist Music

VENUE Howler 7 – 11 Dawson Street Brunswick, VIC 3056

DATES: 28 Sept TIME: 7.30pm (2hr)

TICKETS Full: $24 Concession: $19

TO BOOK visit or call (03) 9660 9666

Glasfrosch with watermelon

GLASFROSCH & FRIENDS PLAY ‘IN C’, celebrates the 50th year of Terry Riley’s seminal minimalist work. Genre defying Melbourne band Glasfrosch are joined by a diverse assembly of over 20 of Melbourne’s finest musicians from jazz, indie, pop, metal, and contemporary classical backgrounds.

Presented as an electroacoustic, audiovisual sound and light party of intense polyrhythmic texture and colour in the fabulous Howler bandroom on September 28th.

Composed in 1964, Terry Riley’s In C has become one of the most performed works of contemporary music. Glasfrosch founder/frontman Justin Ashworth performed on an electroacoustic album version by Melbourne contemporary music ensemble “re-sound” in 2001, and the piece has since been a strong influence on the music of Glasfrosch. In recognition of the 50th anniversary, and just for fun, Glasfrosch have assembled their favourite Melbournian musician friends to help realise a new electroacoustic version of In C.

Featuring Ashworth on electronic sounds and rhythmic analogue visual effects, Adam Rudegeair on piano and James Wingard on drums, Glasfrosch is augmented with guest mallet percussionists Nat Grant, Jenny Morrish; string players Jennifer Mills, Luke Richardson, and Susan Gamble (The Spheres); reeds and brass by Adam Simmons, Aviva Endean (Barons of Tang/Prophets), and Daimon Brunton; Guitarists Ryan McRobb (moustrapreplica/Ennis Tola), Casey Hartnett (Sleep Decade), Tobias Brodel, and Nick Carson; electronic drum weirdo Matt Bush (re-sound/of, or pertaining to…); Keyboardist David O’Brien; vocalist Cat Adey; William Elm on accordion and glockenspiel; and cabaret punk songstress Jennifer Kingwell on toy piano.

In addition to In C, Glasfrosch will also debut an original minimalist work as a dedication to the continuing legacy of the minimalist movement. Composed for the forthcoming Glasfrosch LP, Nocturnes, the new work celebrates the group’s minimalist influences from Satie, to Riley, Reich, Young, and Eno. The new work will open the show, performed by Glasfrosch as a trio, followed by the large ensemble main set of In C.

“An incredible Aussie ‘alternative’ band… Nothing short of stunning” – Beat Magazine

“Glasfrosch are a surprising, amazing delicious treat for your mind.” – Obsessive Music

“Glasfrosch are amazing and you need to discover them.” – Heavy Magazine