“..[an] incredible Aussie ‘alternative’ band thumbing its collective nose at convention and commerciality and doing whatever the hell it wants to do, and the results are nothing short of stunning.” - Beat Magazine on ‘If You Go Far Enough into the Sky You’ll Come Out Underwater (album of the week)


Glasfrosch is a unique animal. Messing with pop music forms through explorations of sound art, jazz, cinema, poetry, noise, dance and punk. Glasfrosch make music that is colourful, dreamlike, and challenging. Using ambient sounds, synths, and angular beats, FX drenched guitars and jazz heavy piano, with lyrics heavily influenced by surrealist writing techniques, sci-fi and zen, Glasfrosch is about change and surprise, music that subverts expectations.

Glasfrosch began with the solo experimental studio work of vocalist/multi instrumentalist Justin Ashworth in 2009, creating the initial works that would later become the ensembles debut record if you go far enough into the sky you’ll come out underwater. The project has evolved to include collaborators Adam Rudegeair on piano, Rhodes, synths and melodica, James Wingard on drums and electronic percussion, and Jess Keeffe on cello and electronics.

“Much like a mystery flight, you’ll never know where they’ll take you… And they’ll take you some bizarre places… The ingredients are complex and combine in unpredictable ways… Glasfrosch are a surprising, amazing delicious treat for your mind.” - Obsessive Music live review 2014

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If you go far enough into the sky you’ll come out underwater received high praise, and the band have gone on to share stages with artists such as Damo Suzuki (2011) and Pantha Du Prince (2013), as well as collaborating on a live show with Arcko Symphonic Ensemble (2013).

The most recent album by Glasfrosch is Aubades, and it sees the group exploring a much more progressive, rhythmic musical direction. Aubades is part one of a two part thematic album, with part two: “Nocturnes”, coming later this year.

“There is a magical, autonomous feel to the songs and the record as if they have a life of their own… I just had to let you know about this great album.” - This Is Not A Scene. on ‘If You Go Far Enough into the Sky You’ll Come Out Underwater 

“Seeing it played live, the songs came alive even more. This is a heavily underrated Melbourne band, playing quirky but very high quality ambient/progressive music… you need to discover them”. - Heavy Magazine (ProgFest 2012 live review)

“Glasfrosch are a stella example of Melbourne’s burgeoning art-rock scene. Their transethnic mix of space rock, jazz fusion, ambient noise, pop and the downright weird is cerebral and arcane, yet wholly accessible.” - Inpress Magazine on ‘If You Go Far Enough into the Sky You’ll Come Out Underwater’ 

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